Checked Baggage Requirements

Checking a bag

We offer fare options that include different numbers of checked bags. Checked bags that exceed 62" (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (length + width + height), including wheels/handles, or exceed 50 pounds (22.68 kg) will also incur a fee. Baggage fees are assessed per one-way flight.

For Blue fares, the first checked bag fee is $25 and the second checked bag is $35.

For Blue Plus fares, one (1) checked bag is included and the second checked bag fee is $35. For Blue Flex fares, two (2) checked bags are included.

For Mint® fares: two checked bags up to 70 pounds each are included.

For all fares, any additional bags are $100 each.

Mosaic customers and those on the same itinerary are allowed two (2) checked bags at no additional charge, including Vacations bookings.

Other Airlines

Other baggage rules may apply if your travel includes more than one airline. Please review our codeshare and interline partners by clicking here.

Carry-on Baggage

For information regarding carry-on baggage requirements and allowances, click here.

Adding baggage and paying bag fees

You can indicate how many bags you're bringing and pay the applicable fees during the check-in process within 24 hours of your flight's departure. We recommend checking in online or at one of our airport kiosks, although there is no difference in fees whether checking in online, at a kiosk or at the check-in counter. 

If you check in online, just drop your bags at the bag drop location at the airport where a crewmember will scan your boarding document to see your payment, verify the baggage count and weight, and print your bag tag(s). Overweight and oversized fees may apply, so be sure to pack in accordance with our checked baggage requirements by visiting

Kiosks are available at all of our domestic cities; check here for international availability.

Overweight, oversized baggage and excess bags

Overweight, oversized, and excess baggage may be checked on a load-availability basis, per the guidelines detailed below. Please note, fees will be assessed for each category that applies.

  • Example #1 - if a bag is overweight and oversized, the overweight fee plus the oversized fee will apply.
  • Example #2 - if a bag is the third bag and is also overweight and oversized, the three additional fees (overweight, oversized, excess bag) will be assessed.

Charges for excess, oversize, and overweight bags will be assessed and collected at the airport upon check in.

Overweight Baggage

Overweight Bags
* 51 - 99 pounds (23.13 - 44.91 kg) $100 per bag
Bags over 99 pounds Will not be accepted

* Please note: Overweight baggage will not be accepted on flights to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti or Trinidad & Tobago. Baggage over 70 pounds will not be accepted on flights to/from Lima, Peru.

Oversized Baggage

Oversized Bags
* 63 - 80 inches (203.2 centimeters) $100 per bag ($75 for customers who booked prior to May 21, 2014)
* Bags over 80 inches Will not be accepted

* Please note: Oversized baggage will not be accepted on flights to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru or Trinidad & Tobago.

3rd + Baggage

Additional bags will be accepted for a fee of $100 per bag. This also applies to Mosaic customers and customers traveling in JetBlue Mint.

* Please note: Customers traveling to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago are limited to two checked bags.

Checking baggage for someone other than yourself
Each customer must check their own bag with the exception that one member of a family traveling on the same reservation can check the luggage for the family by providing a valid, government issued photo ID. As mandated by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (P.L. 107-71), we cannot accept checked baggage on the aircraft unless the customer who checked the baggage is aboard the aircraft.

Checking in your bags
  • All baggage must be checked at the airport at least 40 minutes prior to departure on domestic flights, and 60 minutes prior to departure on international flights.
  • If you are traveling to an International destination, please check in at the ticket counter.
  • Baggage will NOT be accepted for check in more than six hours prior to a flight's scheduled departure time. 
  • Please check information specific to items such as sporting equipment, firearms, musical instruments, etc. for guidelines on transporting them on JetBlue flights.
  • Are you planning on bringing carry-on items on your flight? Be sure to check our Carry-on Baggage Requirements.
  • Permitted/Prohibited Checked Baggage Items

Checked Baggage Requirement Exceptions for Select Markets


  • Each customer may check a total of five (5) bags or boxes.
  • Each bag/box must NOT exceed 80 inches (203.2 centimeters) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) or CANNOT exceed 99 pounds (44.9 kilograms).
  • Boxes must be factory sealed.
  • Checked bags/boxes that are up to 50 pounds (22.73 kilos) or 62 inches (157.48 centimeters) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) will be accepted for check-in. overweight and/or oversize baggage fees will be applied.
  • For information on bikes and surfboards, please check sporting equipment

Dominican Republic, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago

  • Each customer may check a total of two (2) bags. 
  • Each bag must NOT exceed 62 inches (157.48 centimeters) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) and CANNOT exceed 50 pounds (22.73 kg). Baggage dimensions are determined by adding the length, width, and height together.
  • Additional baggage and bags that exceed the overall dimensions or weight WILL NOT be allowed onboard flights to/from the Dominican Republic*, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago.
    • *Additional baggage will be accepted on flights to/from La Romana, Dominican Republic.


Each customer may check a total of two (2) bags. Each bag must NOT exceed 62 inches (157.48 centimeters) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) and CANNOT exceed 70 pounds (31.75 kg). Overweight bag fees will apply to bags weighing over 50 pounds (22.73 kg).  

For all baggage requirements - see Checked Baggage Requirements.

Boxes, television sets and liability

Please note that cardboard boxes WILL NOT be allowed on any international flight except for flights to/from Cuba. Non-hazardous items may be packed in checked baggage. Humanitarian organizations transporting supplies will be subject to the same baggage allowances and guidelines as other customers. Plastic bins with a secure lid may be accepted on international flights.

As a reminder, television sets are NOT accepted on international flights, with a unique exception for flights to/from Cuba.

Military personnel traveling on JetBlue

Separate baggage exceptions apply for U.S. Military and Family. Click here for more information.

Non-US VAT tax on baggage fees table

A Value Added Tax (VAT) of up to 18% is payable on baggage fees for certain international flights. Non-US VAT based on itinerary are as follows:

Country of Originating travel VAT
Barbados 17.5% of Baggage fee
Dominican Republic 18% of Baggage fee
Costa Rica 5% of Baggage fee
Trinidad 15% of Baggage fee


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