Service and Emotional Support Animals on JetBlue Flights

Service and emotional support animals defined

Service Animals - A service animal has been trained to perform a specific task to assist the customer traveling, such as path finding, retrieval of objects, carrying things, providing additional stability, responding to sounds, etc.

NOTE: JetBlue will only accept service animals that are providing disability mitigation directly to the individual who is traveling.

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals - An emotional support animal or psychiatric service animal provides comfort to support a customer's diagnosed mental or emotional disorder. Emotional support animals need not have specific training for that function, while psychiatric service animals are task trained. All must be trained to behave appropriately in a public setting. Beginning July 1, 2018, acceptable emotional support and psychiatric service animals are limited to dogs, cats, and miniature horses. Emotional support animals are limited to one per person.

For additional details about required documentation, click here.

Emotional support animals: Document requirements beginning July 1, 2018

Beginning July 1, 2018, regardless of ticket purchase date, a Customer must provide notification of their intention to travel with an emotional support/psychiatric service animal and submit their documents at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Customers traveling with emotional support or psychiatric service animals will need to submit three JetBlue-specific documents for review. These documents are:

  • Medical/Mental Health Professional form
  • Veterinary Health form
  • Confirmation of Animal Behavior form

Required forms are available for download from JetBlue's Special Assistance page. Completed documentation should be uploaded through this link, which can also be found on 

Documents will be considered valid for up to one year from their original date. Documents are not kept on file and will need to be submitted for each reservation on which the customer is traveling. For step-by-step instructions to download, complete, and submit the JetBlue-specific documentation, click here.

Please note: Required documentation for emotional support and psychiatric service animals must always accompany the animal when traveling and is to be presented upon request to JetBlue airport personnel for review. JetBlue will accept electronic documents.

Firearms and Service/Emotional Support Animals

Armed individuals are not permitted to travel with a service or emotional support animal. Armed individuals traveling with a service or emotional support animal will be required to check their weapon into the cargo bin in accordance with requirements outlined in the Contract of Carriage.

JetBlue Cities with Additional Animal Requirements


The following domestic airports have restrictions on ESAN travel. Click on the airport name for additional details.

Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)
Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)
Portland International Airport (PDX)


For up-to-date international pet/animal travel requirements, the United States Department of Agriculture has a helpful tool found at:

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