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Air Quality

All JetBlue aircraft utilize the latest technology in HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters.

The total cabin air content on each of our aircraft is replaced more than 30 times an hour which is more than once every two minutes; this far exceeds the exchange rate in an office building. In addition, each two-minute cycle is made up of half fresh air and half recirculated air.

Our aircraft HEPA filters offer filtration comparable to those used in hospital operating rooms and are capable of trapping contaminants down to 0.3 micron in size.


Due to FAA regulations for seat pitch, the Mint® A321 aircraft, Restyled A320 aircraft, and classic A320 aircraft (tail N784JB and higher), and the Core A321neo come equipped with airbag seatbelts.

Rows with Airbag Seatbelts

Mint® A321

Classic A320

Restyled A320

Core A321neo

1-5, 7-10, 19DEF

1-5, 10-12 N784JB and higher



The airbag is designed to inflate towards the center of the customer providing maximum protection against injuries that may occur in high g-force events.

Please note: seatbelt extensions will deactivate the airbag seat belts.

These seatbelts must fit low and tight across the waist of all customers including children and must be affixed to all Child Restraint Systems (CRS) so that it is secured tightly in the seat. In seats equipped with an airbag seatbelt, JetBlue-provided seatbelt extensions must be used in conjunction with the seatbelt to secure the CRS. For safety purposes, if the CRS is not able to be properly secured with the airbag seatbelt, the customer may be required to move to a seat with a standard seatbelt in order to use the CRS.

Cabin temperature

We try to keep the cabin temperature of our aircraft at 74ºF.  

Please remember that your personal temperature can be adjusted by using the vents located directly above your seat.

All of our aircraft have galleys in the front and back of the plane.

Highest altitudes for JetBlue aircraft
The highest altitudes for our aircraft are:
  • 41,000 feet - EMBRAER 190
  • 39,000 feet - Airbus 320
  • 39,000 feet - Airbus 321

How do I know what kind of plane I will be on?

The seats in the EMBRAER 190 are in a two-seat by two-seat configuration with 25 rows.

A320/A321 Core
The seats in the Airbus 320 and 321 core are in a three-seat by three-seat configuration.  The classic and restyled A320s has 25 and 27 rows respectively. The A321 Core has 34 rows.   

A321 Mint®
The seats in the A321 Mint® have five (5) rows that alternate with tandem two-by-two seats and single Mint® suites. Rows 6-29 have core seats in a three seat by three seat configuration.

Aisle Widths

All JetBlue aircraft are fully compliant with aisle width requirements as set forth by the FAA.

E190 – 19.75”
A320 – 17.3–18.0"
A321 Core – 17.5”
A321 Mint Section – 24.0”

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