Guidelines for operating a portable electronic device during a flight

Electronic Devices on JetBlue Flights

Personal Electronic Device (PED) use will be allowed on JetBlue aircraft during all phases of flight, including taxi, take-off, cruise, and landing except during certain low-visibility landings.

What is permitted:

  • Customers may use smartphones, tablets, electronic readers and other similarly-sized devices during all phases of flight except during certain low-visibility landings.

What is NOT permitted:

  • Laptop computers and other similarly-sized devices must continue to be stowed after the door is closed prior to pushback and while taxiing; and again after cabin preparation prior to descent until arrival at the gate.  This precaution is to ensure safe egress of the aircraft in an emergency.
  • During certain landings in reduced visibility, devices will not be permitted below 10,000 feet and must be fully powered down – this represents less than 1% of JetBlue flights and those onboard will be notified when this is the case.

Electronic Devices that May Be Operated at all Times
The following electronic devices may be operated at all times during the flight:
  • Electric shavers
  • Electronic watches
  • Hearing aids
  • Insulin pumps
  • Pacemakers
  • Portable voice recorders
  • Smartphones, tablets, electronic readers and other similarly-sized devices (except during certain low-visibility landings)

Electronic Devices with Limited Operating Times
The following items may not be used during taxi, takeoff, landing or when the aircraft is operating below 10,000 feet. The Inflight crew will advise you when these items may and may not be used.
  • Laptop computers or other similarly-sized devices

Electronic Devices that are Prohibited for Use in the Aircraft
The following items may not be used in the aircraft at any time:
  • Any device the crew believes to be causing interference
  • Gas hair curlers
  • Radio transmitters (ham, CB, etc.)
  • Radios: AM, FM, VHF (battery or cord operated)
  • Remote controlled toys
  • TV sets

Electronic/Smokeless Cigarettes on JetBlue
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), vaporizer pens and spare batteries are prohibited in checked baggage. E-cigarettes and its individually protected spare batteries must be carried in the cabin, the device must be in the off position and disconnected from the charging system and battery. Charging of the device and its batteries is prohibited on the aircraft. JetBlue does not permit smoking of the e-cigarettes at gate areas when embarking disembarking or while inside the aircraft at all times.

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