Firearms and ammunition

Traveling with a Firearm

No person may carry a weapon, either concealed or unconcealed, while onboard a JetBlue aircraft, except for a state, municipal, or county law enforcement officers on-duty status or a federal law enforcement officer traveling on or off- duty status. For additional requirements for law enforcement officers carrying firearms onboard the aircraft, please contact JetBlue and a Reservations crewmember will assist you.

If checking a firearm, you must be at least 18 years of age. All firearms must be unloaded and declared by reading and signing the Firearms Unloaded Declaration tag before checking the container. The firearm must be packed in a lockable crush-proof container specifically designed for the firearm, and in a separate container from any ammunition. If the firearm case cannot be locked, JetBlue will not accept the item (see additional requirements below).

You should remain present during screening to take the key back after the container is cleared. Once TSA confirms that all of the criteria is met, the firearm may be placed in your checked bag.

Since laws regarding the carrying of firearms vary, it is the responsibility of each customer carrying a firearm to know and adhere to all local requirements. If you are traveling to or from JFK or LaGuardia in New York City, please check with local authorities for all requirements. Gun laws in New York vary by county.

A permit may be required even if one is not necessary in the city of residence.

Firearms and Service/Emotional Support Animals

Armed individuals are not permitted to travel with a service or emotional support animal. Armed individuals traveling with a service or emotional support animal will be required to check their weapon into the cargo bin in accordance with requirements outlined in the Contract of Carriage.

Firearms and International flights

If traveling to an international destination with firearms and/or ammunition, please check with foreign embassies and consulates in the United States for your destination country before you travel. Certain restrictions apply for each country.

Firearm Guidelines for Flights to/from Puerto Rico

Customers are not permitted to travel to or from Puerto Rico with firearms without prior approval and written authorization from the Superintendent of Police in Puerto Rico.


Retired LEOs and active LEOs traveling on vacation are permitted to travel to or from Puerto Rico with firearms as checked baggage. Prior approval and written authorization from the Superintendant of Police in Puerto Rico is not required.

Active Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) on official business can travel armed to or from Puerto Rico provided their agency has notified the TSA via National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) message with official authorization. The Crewmember is required to:

  • Check the badge and credentials of the LEO
  • Complete the Notice of Armed Individuals Form
  • Verbally confirm that the LEO has completed the training program "Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed" as required by the TSA
  • They are not required to display a copy of the NLETS message. That is a TSA issue.

Firearms/Archery/Shooting Equipment and Ammunition

Firearms are not permitted on international flights to or from the U.S.

Archery equipment may be accepted depending on each individual country's requirements.

There is no additional charge or limit for checking shooting equipment. However, one piece of shooting equipment will count as a checked bag.

You must be 18 years of age to check a firearm.

Firearms, shooting equipment and related items will be accepted only as checked baggage subject to the following specific conditions:

Firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container and transported as checked baggage only. Only the customer should retain the key or combination to the lock.

  • All firearm containers with designed lock area(s), must have a lock placed in all of the designed lock area(s)
  • If there is no lock in the designed lock area(s), JetBlue will not accept the firearm for transportation.

Ammunition for the firearm cannot be placed in the same container as the firearm, but may be in the same checked bag as long as everything is packaged properly. Ammunition must be housed in a separate container that is completely separate and distinct from the firearms locked box. The ammunition must be packaged in a fiber (such as cardboard), wood or metal box specifically designed for carrying small amounts of ammunition. Ammunition is limited to 11 pounds per customer. Ammunition will not be permitted in carry-on or checked baggage on international flights.  

Pistol cases may be available for purchase by cash or credit card at any JetBlue ticket counter for a nonrefundable fee of $50. Quantities are limited.

One item of shooting equipment is considered:

One rifle case containing no more than two rifles with or without scopes, one shooting net, noise suppressors, and a small rifle tool set, or one shotgun case containing no more than two shotguns, or one pistol case containing no more than four pistols, or one bow and quiver of arrows and maintenance kit enclosed in a case or container of sufficient strength to protect the bow and quiver with arrows from accidental damage.

Please note: BB guns and air guns are also considered as shooting equipment and will be treated as such.

Pistol Cases

Pistol cases may be available for purchase by cash or credit card at any JetBlue ticket counter for a nonrefundable fee of $50.

Quantities are limited and may not be available at each airport.

Features of the pistol case:

  • Security Plus by Stack-On
  • 3 3/4"h x 14 1/2"w x 12"l
  • Holds two pistols
  • Has three layers of foam lining that can be modified to secure different items
  • All-steel construction, nickel-plated deadbolts with full length staked hinges
  • Key coded lock with two keys
  • Weighs under six pounds

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