Online change/cancel

Cancelling within 24 hours of booking
You may cancel your reservation within 24 hours from the time of original booking for a full refund to the original form of payment. Travel must be booked seven (7) days or more prior to your scheduled departure date and the entire booking must be cancelled. Bookings that have been changed are not eligible for a refund to the original form of payment and are subject to a cancellation fee, regardless of being within 24 hours of the original booking. Cancellations may be performed on or by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

Change/cancel fee amounts

When you book a JetBlue flight, you'll choose from several fare options — Blue, Blue Plus or Blue Flex — based on what's most valuable to you. This applies to TrueBlue Redemption/Points bookings.

Depending on which fare option you purchased, the change and cancellation fees are as follows:

Blue & Blue Plus

  • $200 per-person fee for fares $200 or more + difference in fare 
  • $150 per-person fee for fares $150 - $199.99 + difference in fare
  • $100 per-person fee for fares $100 - $149.99 + difference in fare
  • $75 per-person fee for fares under $100 + difference in fare


Blue Flex

No charge to change or cancel your reservation prior to departure, difference in fare only.


Additional Change/Cancellation Terms (all fares):  For changes, any applicable fare difference will be charged in addition to the change fee and are subject to availability. Cancellations are for a JetBlue flight credit only, valid for a JetBlue flight within one (1) year from the date of cancellation. If you do not change/cancel before scheduled departure and you "no show" all money for the reservation is forfeited. JetBlue change and cancellation fees will be waived for Mosaic members and those who are on the same itinerary as the Mosaic member. For a list of all of TrueBlue Mosaic benefits click here.

For JetBlue Vacations change/cancel fee structure- click here.

For Mint® change/cancel fee structure - click here.

Eligibility for change online
You may change or cancel your reservation online if you are able to provide the following information:
  • Confirmation code
  • Last name
  • Origin and destination cities

If you used a JetBlue Voucher/travel certificate as a form of payment on your flight at any time, you will NOT be eligible to change or cancel your reservation online.

If you have a special service request or your itinerary has a different city for the return flight than the outbound flight (e.g., LGB-JFK outbound, JFK-SFO return), a reservations crewmember would be happy to assist you with your change/cancel request.

TrueBlue redemption bookings are not able to be changed or cancelled online at this time. Please call 1-800- JetBlue. When changing your flight, keeping in mind how many points you paid for your flight, you can look at dates and prices in points to find the best option for you. Increase or decrease in points required for a flight will apply and change fee varies and is determined by the Fare Option you chose.

You may use JetBlue travel credits as a form of payment when changing your flight online for change/cancel fees and any applicable difference in airfare. JetBlue credits cannot be used as a form of payment for fees and services (Even More® Space seats, Unaccompanied Minor fees, pet fees, baggage fees, etc.).

Changes and cancellations must be made prior to the scheduled departure time.

Changing/cancelling a travel agency booking

Reservations made through a travel agency, including online travel agencies (i.e. Priceline, Expedia, etc.), may be changed or cancelled on from the 'My Trips' tab, through the original booking source, or by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

*Please note that there will be a one-time $50/per-ticket (per-person) service fee that is applicable for ticket changes made over the phone on all travel agency bookings which may be self-managed on 

Link to online change/cancel

Locked out of reservation

As a security measure, if you are trying to access your reservation to change it online and input the incorrect information three (3) times, your reservation will lock.

Once you have been locked out of your itinerary online, you will be able to gain access again after four (4) hours.

If you need assistance before that time, please call our reservations team.

Online change confirmation
Once you have selected your new flight, you will receive the 'wait page' followed by the 'confirmation page.' Upon confirmation of your change, you will receive a new email. Your confirmation code will remain the same.

TrueBlue and JetBlue travel credits
If you are a TrueBlue member and are logged on to your TrueBlue account when making a change or canceling a reservation online, any applicable credit will automatically be placed in your Travel Bank account for immediate or future use.

Using a JetBlue credit to pay for an online change

If your credit resides in your Travel Bank account, the credit may be used to pay any applicable increase in airfare.

If you would like to redeem a credit from a different Travel Bank account please call our reservations team for assistance.

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