What is your boarding procedure?

Group boarding

Our new group boarding process will jet you on your way even faster and easier. Got questions? We’ve got answers below.
What is your boarding procedure?
JetBlue now boards by groups, which will be noted on your boarding pass above or next to your seat number. Mosaic and Mint® customers, as well as Even More® Space customers (Group A), will still have priority boarding. Customers are encouraged to remain comfortably seated until their group is called for boarding.
Boarding order

  • Pre-Boarding for customers with disabilities
  • Mosaic and Mint® customers
  • Even More® Space customers (Group A)
  • Courtesy Boarding for active military personnel and customers traveling with children in car seats or strollers.
  • General Boarding by group:
    • Group B
    • Group C
    • Group D
    • Group E (N/A for E-190 aircraft)
  • All remaining customers

Note: Unaccompanied minors will be escorted to the aircraft at the beginning of boarding or at the end, depending on when they arrive to the gate.

Group Boarding FAQs

Do you still board from the back to the front?
We now board by groups with a method that utilizes the entire length of the aircraft and is determined by your seat assignment—so it’s not necessarily from back to the front. This process is designed to reduce congestion on the jetbridge, as well as in the aisles of the aircraft, to get you on your way faster than ever.

Will Mosaic, Mint® and Even More® Space customers still get priority boarding?
Absolutely! Mosaic and Mint® customers will still have priority boarding, followed by customers who have purchased an Even More® Space seat. If you are a Mosaic or Mint® customer, this will be listed as your boarding group on your boarding pass. Even More® Space customers will be listed as Group A.
Do you still offer courtesy pre-boarding for active military personnel and families traveling with young children who need extra time?
Yes. Active military and families traveling with children in strollers or car seats will be able to board after Group A—before the general boarding begins.
Will my boarding group appear when I purchase my ticket?
No. Your boarding group will appear once you check in, with a seat assignment, which can be done 24 hours before your flight.

My elderly mother is in a wheelchair and needs extra time to board. Can we board early?
Yes. We start the boarding process with customers with disabilities, so if you’d like to board then, you’re welcome to. If you request additional time, we would be happy to board you and your mother before the wheelchairs.

Will families or multiple customers traveling together be split up with this new boarding process?
As long as you’re on the same reservation and check in together, parties traveling together will be prioritized into the earliest boarding group assigned to that party on the same reservation. If you check in separately, you may be assigned different boarding groups, even if you’re on the same reservation. In this scenario, you are welcome to board in the group you are each assigned, or if you’d prefer to board together, you may board with the latter of the assigned groups in your party.
If I am traveling with five friends, would I have to buy all tickets at the same time to be in the same boarding group?
Yes. In order to be in the same boarding group, you all must be on the same reservation and must check in together. You cannot purchase tickets separately and be guaranteed the same boarding group. If you do want to board together, please board with the latter of the groups listed on all boarding passes. You may want to purchase Even More® Space seats to guarantee priority boarding with Group A.

My friend and I are traveling together, but she is in group ‘E’ and I am in group ’B.’ Can we board together?
Of course! You are welcome to board together with the latter of the two groups. Otherwise, please board with your respective groups. This will ensure faster boarding and will help get you on your way as soon as possible.

I purposely chose my seats in the back of the plane just so I was one of the first to board. How will this new boarding procedure affect this?
We’ve changed our boarding process so we can board faster with less congestion in the aisle by boarding customers seated throughout the aircraft in groups. The best way to ensure you always board early is by purchasing one of our Even More® Space seats, which are always in Group A. You may do so under the 'Manage your flight' section of

I am in the same row as I was in the last time I flew. Why am I in a different boarding group this time around?
Your boarding group is based on your actual seat, not the rows. This allows us to stagger boarding throughout the aircraft so we can complete boarding as quickly as possible.

If my seat is 17B, should I board with group B?
The letter of your seat is your actual seat assignment and not your boarding group. The boarding group will appear on your boarding pass directly above your seat assignment.

I do not have a boarding group yet. How do I get one?
Once you get a seat assignment your boarding group will appear.

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