Cancellations and delays

Do you waive change fees based on impending storms?
JetBlue does not waive fees based on impending storms unless a fee waiver has been issued. The decision to cancel a flight due to weather is usually made on the day the flight is scheduled to depart. Fees will be incurred for changes made to your flight, unless the flight cancelled by JetBlue, in which case the fees are waived.

How do I know if my flight qualifies for a fee waiver?

In the event that JetBlue has cancelled a flight and/or a fee waiver has been issued, impacted* customers  can go online to the 'Manage Flights' section of to change or cancel their flight without fee or increase in fare, even to sister cities.

*Note: In order to rebook travel without a fee/increase in fare online, your flight must have been cancelled by JetBlue.

Be sure to check the Travel Alerts section on for current travel advisories and fee waiver information.

My departure flight was cancelled so we moved it to a later day. Can I move my return flight to make up for the lost time without incurring any fees?
Yes, you can change your return flight to one that is equivalent to the length of the time you missed. Just call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and a reservations crewmember can assist you.

When will JetBlue know if my flight is cancelled or not?
JetBlue’s System Operations department weighs many factors before canceling a flight. For weather events, we make every effort to cancel flights more than four hours before departure, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. If your flight is cancelled, JetBlue will contact you by email and an automated phone call.

If my flight is delayed, what time should I show up at the airport?
Although your flight is showing as delayed, we suggest that you show up at the airport at the scheduled departure time. It’s possible that the departure time could get moved up if the weather conditions improve or a different plane is substituted, and the flight is not able to wait for customers who are not there.

If the flight before mine was cancelled, does this mean that my flight will be cancelled too?
Not necessarily. JetBlue makes every effort to avoid schedule disruptions as much as possible, but to check the status of your flight, click here or contact 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583). If your flight is cancelled, you will not be charged a fee to rebook. To book another flight, click here or contact 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

Why are other airlines flying and you are not?
Weather impacts all airlines differently depending on their hubs and flight paths. Weather in one airline’s hub may cause flight disruptions whereas another airline’s hub may not be affected at all.

Why are there no signs of bad weather here, but you cancelled my flight due to weather?
We realize this can seem confusing and cause frustration, but there may be unsafe flying conditions anywhere along the plane’s route that would cause JetBlue to cancel a flight. Also, there are some types of weather conditions that are not visible like wind shear or lightning activity and customer safety is our first priority.

Will JetBlue pay for me to fly on another airline?
JetBlue does not re-accommodate on other airlines, however, we will do everything we can to get you to your final destination on the next available JetBlue flight. To book another flight, click here or contact 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

What are the chances of reinstating a cancelled flight?
If a flight is cancelled, it will not be reinstated. To book another flight, click here or contact 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

Flight disruption guidelines | cancellations & delays

Flight Disruption REGARDLESS of Length or Reason

Does Change/Cancel fee Apply?


Flight Options

Any flight (same or co-located city pairs) the day prior, day of, or day after original flight.* No fare difference (Involuntary Exchange).

Do NOT reaccommodate Core Customers to Mint seats.

Note that for now, Customers at the airport that have already checked in their baggage will need to be referred to an Airport Crewmember for assistance.

*Exceptions can be made to the day prior, day of, or day after guideline within reason, if the situation warrants it.

Example: Changing a Customer disrupted during the holidays to a travel date three months later would NOT justify making an exception to our rule. The request has to make sense!

Customer wishes to Cancel

No cancellation fee

Funds Issued as a JetBlue credit good for one year, regardless of length of schedule change or disruption.

Once the schedule change or disruption is greater than 2+ hours - upon Customer request, a refund may be processed back to original form of payment.