Balance gliders / hoverboards with lithium or lithium ion batteries

Balance Gliders / Hoverboards with Lithium Batteries

JetBlue will NOT accept the transport of balance gliders, hoverboards, self-balancing boards of any type which use lithium or lithium ion batteries in either checked or carry-on baggage.


Why can’t I check or carry on my balance glider?
The Department of Transportation (DOT) considers these items to be “dangerous goods” because of the size and watt hours of their lithium ion batteries.

What are the DOT regulations around lithium ion batteries?
The DOT has determined that Customers flying JetBlue may travel with lithium ion batteries that supply up to 100 watts per hour (common in most cell phones, laptops and cameras). The lithium ion batteries found in balance gliders can supply 500+ watts per hour. Therefore, they may only be transported by an authorized shipper or

Can JetBlue ship or store my balance glider?
Due to the DOT’s classification of these items as dangerous goods, JetBlue is not able to store or ship balance gliders.

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