Even More® Space Seats

Super-spacious seats

Enjoy an Even More® Space seat on JetBlue! JetBlue is proud to offer our customers Even More® Space -- super-spacious seats at the front of the aircraft and at the emergency exit rows that provide even more of that much-sought-after in-flight space. Treat yourself to an Even More® Space seat and get 38 inches of comfortable seat pitch in which to stretch out, relax, watch TV, sample our complimentary snacks and enjoy the award-winning JetBlue experience!

Even More® Space is available for a fee, based on the route. This fee is refundable with the purchase of a refundable fare and in situations in which JetBlue fails to provide the Even More® Space product.

Even More® Space costs
Even More® Space seats are available on all JetBlue flights for an extra charge, which varies by route starting at $10 one-way, depending on the flight. Currently, all Even More® Space charges are refunded to the original form of payment should you need to change or cancel your flight. Charges are also refunded if your flight is cancelled due to a system disruption and we are unable to seat you in an Even More® Space seat on the re-accommodated flight. However, all charges are forfeited if you paid for an Even More® Space seat and later selected a seat other than an Even More® Space seat and did not show up for your flight, or if you voluntarily standby on an earlier flight and an Even More® Space seat is not available on the earlier flight.

Which rows have Even More® Space seats?
Airbus A320
  • Rows 1-5
  • Rows 10-11 (emergency exit rows)

Airbus A321 Core 

  • Rows 1, 10-13, 22-23ABCEF
  • Rows 10 and 22 (emergency exit rows)

Airbus A321 Mint® 

  • Rows 6-10, 18, 19ABCEF
  • Rows 6 and 18 (emergency exit rows)


  • Row 1  
  • Row 12 (emergency exit row)
  • Rows 13-14

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