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» Retrieving Your Emailed Itinerary

Retrieving Your Emailed Itinerary

If we have sent your itinerary to you and you have not received it, you may need to reset the spam filters for your email account. You may be able to find the itinerary in a spam mail folder. If you are a TrueBlue member, make sure that you have your active email address in your TrueBlue member contact information.

To adjust spam mail filters, follow the steps detailed below:

AOL users:

Go to Keyword- “mail controls,” then to “settings.” Make sure the SPAM filter is not checked. If the filter is not checked, contact AOL to determine why you are still not receiving the email.

AOL 9.0 users: Go to Keyword- "mail controls," then to "read mail." At the bottom of the "read mail" page, click "manage mail." From there, click on the Spam folder.

Yahoo users: Yahoo's mail system automatically filters the majority of incoming bulk or commercial email directly to the bulk mail folder. If you receive mail in the bulk mail folder that you would like in your inbox, you can set up a filter to redirect the mail. You can find more information on how to do this at Yahoo- filters help.

You may also go on the JetBlue website to view your itinerary: JetBlue View Itinerary Link

Getting Your Itinerary

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