Will JetBlue disassemble mobility devices during stowage?

» Disassembling Mobility Devices

Disassembling Mobility Devices

JetBlue Airways will not disassemble any electric wheelchair or other battery powered assistive device when the battery is non-spillable and can be stowed in an upright position in the cargo bin. When the electric wheelchair or other battery operated assistive device uses a spillable battery, and cannot be loaded/stowed/unloaded in an upright position, the battery will be removed and properly packaged in a battery box.  The cables on the electric wheelchair or other battery operated assistive device will be taped to protect them from damage, and properly labeled A for positive and pound for negative to ensure the battery is reconnected properly at the destination BlueCity.

When wheelchairs or other assistive devices are disassembled by JetBlue for stowage JetBlue will reassemble them and ensure their prompt return to the Customer with a disability. Wheelchairs and other assistive devices shall be returned to the Customer in the condition received by JetBlue.

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