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Boarding order

Boarding details

JetBlue offers pre-boarding/silent boarding on all of our flights for customers needing assistance.

  • Silent Boarding must be requested at the gate prior to our general boarding announcements.
  • Silent Boarding includes boarding first and assistance with stowing belongings.

Boarding procedure

  • Silent Boarding – those customers who have requested or identified as needing assistance in boarding. Customers must be present when boarding begins.
  • Priority Boarding for Mint customers (on A321 aircraft with Mint) and Mosaic customers
  • Priority Boarding for Even More® Space customers that have purchased upgraded seating
  • Pre-boarding for families with children under the age of two and customers needing additional assistance, as well as active military servicemen and women 
  • General Boarding – Offered in 5 rows increments beginning at the back of the aircraft
  • Any remaining customers
  • Unaccompanied minors

Customers are encouraged to remain comfortably seated until their row is called for boarding.

Just click here and provide your confirmation number, last name of the first person on the reservation and your origin and destination city.

Aisle Chair

We have specially designed wheelchairs for our immobile customers to use in reaching their seats when boarding and deplaning our aircraft.

  • If the use of an aisle chair is needed to assist in boarding and transferring to a seat, we recommend requesting this service when making your reservation.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, please notify a JetBlue crewmember that the aisle chair will be needed to assist with boarding and transferring into a seat.
  • If needed, a transfer sling and slide board will be provided to help with the transfers.

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