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Carry-on Requirements

FAA/TSA regulations allow each customer to take one (1) carry-on (garment bag, backpack, suitcase, pet carrier, etc.) and one (1) personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) onboard the aircraft.  FAA/TSA regulations also allow the following items, as these do not count towards the customer’s carry-on limit:

  • Duty-Free items (a reasonable and limited amount)
  • One diaper bag (for customers traveling with a lap infant) as a carry-on item
  • Special items (coat, umbrella, infant car seat, etc.)
  • Assistive devices (wheelchairs, canes, walkers, etc.)

Closets for hanging garment bags are not available on our aircraft.

Electronic cigarettes may NOT be charged onboard JetBlue aircraft. 

Carry-on baggage is the sole responsibility of the customer and JetBlue will assume no liability for property carried onboard the aircraft.

For TSA information on carry-ons, click here.

Bringing more than just carry-on baggage? Be sure to review our Checked Baggage Requirements

Carry-on Baggage Weight Restrictions
JetBlue currently does not have a limit on the weight of carry-on bags, either for domestic or international flights. However, please make sure that you are able to place your items in the overhead bin if no assistance is available and the item does not fit under the seat in front of you.

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