Inflight Entertainment

» DIRECTV® Programming
» JetBlue Features® Movies
» SiriusXM Satellite Radio®
» Wi-Fi®

DIRECTV® Programming

Sit back at 35,000 feet and surf through 36 free channels of live excitement from DIRECTV®, the #1 all-digital value, with better programming, and superior reception.

Click on the following link to view or print a programming guide for your flight: DirectTV® Programming

JetBlue Features® Movies

Our JetBlue Features® movie channels are your ticket to first-run movies and free bonus entertainment, including behind-the-scenes footage from your favorite television shows, sneak previews of upcoming movies, and interviews with your favorite celebrities. Sit back and enjoy the show!

JetBlue Features® movies are available for $5 on all flights over two hours and are free on all flights outside of the contiguous United States.

Click the following link to find out what movies are playing during your flight: JetBlue Features® movies

SiriusXM Satellite Radio®

Listen to your favorite music with over 100 channels of SiriusXM Satellite Radio® free at every seat.

Click on the following link to view a list of available channels: SiriusXM Satellite Radio®

Click here to view our airport and onboard Wi-Fi® options.

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