Onboard assistance to customers with special needs

Inflight assistance

Services our crewmembers provide onboard are listed below:

  • An individual safety briefing to any customer who may need the assistance of another person to move expeditiously to an exit in the event of an emergency, or whose disability prevents them from receiving the safety information presented in the Taxi Out Safety Briefing
  • Assistance with stowing and retrieving carry-on and assistive devices
  • Assistance with opening food and drink items
  • Assistance to and from the onboard restroom including utilization of the onboard wheelchair (if necessary)

The interior of each restroom is equipped with grab bars and accessible faucet handles
Please note: we are unable to provide:

  • Medical oxygen
  • Administration of customer medication
  • Assistance in actual eating or drinking 
  • Assistance within the restroom or with elimination functions at a customer seat
  • Lifting or carrying a customer

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