Contacting JetBlue Lost and Found

File a report for a lost item

We will make every effort to return articles found onboard a JetBlue aircraft or in a JetBlue terminal as quickly as possible.

Click here to file a report for a lost item.

Lost and Found Customer FAQs

I have left something on the plane. What do I do now?
If you realize that you left something on the plane, please let a crewmember at the airport know immediately. If you have left the airport, please file a lost and found report online by clicking here.

What do I need to provide when filing a report online?
Please provide detailed, accurate descriptions on the Lost Item Report Form. If possible, gather the descriptive information about the item(s) prior to filling out the form, and be sure to include any and all identifiable details to help in our search. Please enter the information as it appears on the item. Also, be sure to include the flight date and flight number reflecting when your item(s) was lost. You may also provide additional information in the “Help us find your item-what makes it unique?” field. We also ask that you file your report as soon as you notice the item was left behind.

I did not receive the confirmation email for my report. What should I do?
If you did not receive a confirmation email when you opened your report online, please check you spam/junk folder. The email comes from

Will someone keep me updated on the status of the search for my item?
Once the report has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation. If we find an item that matches the description of the lost item, we will send you an email notification with further instructions. We continue to search for your item for up to 30 days and will update you via email.

How long will you continue to search for my item?
We will thoroughly search for your item for approximately 30 days from the date the item is reported missing. If we are unable to find your item, we will send an email notification informing you that we have been unsuccessful in our efforts.

If my item is located, how do I have it returned to me?
We will send you an email with a link to the shipping checkout page. You will be able to verify your shipping information and provide credit card information for shipping charges.

What happens to all official documents or government-issued IDs if the owner is not located?
Passports will be sent to the US Department of State, Passport Services, and Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section. All other personal documents are destroyed.

What do I do if my contact information has changed?
On the email you received when you opened your report, there is a link to the Lost and Found page. Please log into the page with your last name and report number to edit your report. You can only edit within the first few days.

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